The Girls Next Door Bridesmaid Bouquet

The Girls Next Door Bridesmaid Bouquet

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Preserved flowers.  That's all! And best of all - it lasts FOREVER!

How GORGEOUS are these naturally dried & preserved blooms!  Oh how romantic blooms can be... 

If you want to spoil the girls or Bridal Party, this might just be exactly what you need!  You don't need anything else to make the perfect naturally dried & preserved Bridesmaid Bouquet with our lovely plain Jane bunches! 

Blooms are chosen for their natural and neutral tones, perfect for the nature lover & neutral toned pi terest board lover :).

This is the perfect way to steal a few Bridesmaids Hearts!

What's included this bouquet?


Due to the nature of the blooms, it's not possible to make the exact replicas of the image, the design (including placement of the blooms) might vary for each bouquet.

Blooms may also not always be in stock, so while we will keep to the colour theme,  the precise blooms in the image may not be used.


Dust off gently.  Keep out of the sun.  No need to water! 

The items in this collection are handmade from real dried flowers. Some of the flowers are preserved as well as dried. The bouquet might last forever, however when not being used, the bouquet should be kept out of sunlight (to preserve the colour) and kept in a safe place as the blooms can be brittle & break when knocked from a surface.

Lead time:

We recommend that you place your order here to be shipped at least two to three weeks prior to your wedding date, so to ensure that you have the blooms with you in time.