Why Sloh

We call ourselves a sloh-living brand, and there is a lot of content on our website about the movement, but not much about the 'why' or 'how's of it all.
If you take the time to read through these few words, you will understand a bit more about where it all started and why:

Sloh ('Slow') Living

As I'm writing this section on the website, I am looking out at a nursing station in the ICU.  Connected to as much lines as one would be - tangled. 
This is now the umpteenth visit to the hospital, I've stopped counting the amount of ICU stays and the theatre staff almost knows be my name by now. 
As if the last few visits wasn't a 'wake-up call' to take things slower, here I am yet again - trying my best to hear what God is trying to say to me. And trust me, He is talking to us, we just have to stop and listen
The crux of the slow living movement lies in the word "slow" - it encourages you to slow the pace of your life. We live an incredibly fast paced life celebrating "more". That includes  bigger, higher, faster, faster, faster, faster, NOW.
The consequences, unfortunately, was more packages, quicker delivery, faster service, more parcels. As successful as we might have become, we could not possibly keep up with this obsession of more.
After being told that I needed a kidney transplant in 2017, I stopped & tried to focus my attention to people & animals (the dearest I love and the furriest I cannot imagine my life without). My business was my passion and I decided to name it after the nickname my husband has for me: Meisiekind.
As the business grew, so did the demand, the need for more, quicker, bigger and off course: from faster to NOW. 
No one realized that this is just a small business, with the aim to bring joy and prettiness to anyone and everyone. The focus became the speed of delivery.
Back to the beginning of this story - with my last visit to ICU, in renal transplant rejection, I made the final decision to embrace slow living 100%. 
We do not offer emergency services, we are no health care workers. We do not work 24/7. In fact, the idea is to bring love to the table. I have therefor decided to make our online shop smaller, with more variety of products in our physical store.
And you know what? We AIM TO SELL OUT! If we do not have any of our items listed online, we will surely suggest an alternative. Otherwise, we're sorry...but we're sold out🤷🏼‍♀️
With the above said, it's quite easy to explain slow living - it is a mindset; it is a lifestyle that resists this fast paced lifestyle and encourages you to adopt a slower pace of life which is more meaningful and fulfilling.
We hope you embrace this too. If you have a 'need' for some dried & preserved blooms & decor, we're here for you.  
For immediate satisfaction, you are welcome to visit our store. Alternatively, we'd love for you to enjoy the process patiently with us as we love to see the entire process through harvesting, preserving or drying our flowers & foliage.
Stop. Listen. Feel. Embrace. Sloh-living (slow).